Smart Packing & Moving Suggestions

Storage Units LLC near Cedar Falls, Iowa, offers helpful moving tips to make your packing projects go smoothly. After you purchase the proper storage boxes for your items, use these suggestions to optimize space usage.

Make a Plan

Taking a few minutes to plan how to use your storage unit will make your move go smoothly. Consider the size of your items and how well items will stack. Finally, leave a walkway in the center, and place needed items near the door so you don’t have to dismantle the unit later. Remember, stability and safety are vital when assembling your space.

When Packing

When packing the boxes, don’t make them too heavy and mark them on all six sides to understand what is where. Solid cases, furniture, and durable items can be arranged on bottom to create a firm base to stack items. Placing heavy items on the bottom also means items won’t be crushed. Most importantly, try to avoid creating unstable towers. The more orderly your stacking is, the better the chance that the load will not shift over a long period of time.

Utilize What You Have

We encourage renters to keep items off the floor, which is why we often supply wood, like pallets, two-by-fours, or plywood to elevate items. Instead of breaking down shelving, position them along outside walls for additional storage. Disassembling tables and bed frames can save more space, too. Make sure to seal any screws or hardware for specific items in a bag and tape it to the underside to keep everything together.

Keep Items Clean & Protected

Make sure that items are clean and dry before storing them. Avoid packing items in plastic bags, since such coverings retain moisture. Do not store food items in your unit to ensure that pests do not visit our shared areas. Do not store flammable materials in units either. Finally, make sure to purchase insurance to specifically cover items in your rental unit. Standard homeowners or renters insurance doesn’t always cover off-site storage facilities